“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” -Roald Dahl


Well, I’ve returned from my fishing expedition in the great Canadian expanse. It was, needless to say, an awesome time. Good company, warm weather, hungry fish, and lots and lots of beer (don’t worry, the drinking age is 19 in Canada). But, my mini vacation didn’t just serve as an opportunity for me to drink beer and enjoy the comedic company of my family and friends. Yes, that’s right, even my fishing trip taught me a valuable life lesson.

Times are getting a bit stressful. I’m moving back to college in just three days. Before I left for Canada, I was scrambling to get everything I needed and to organize it an a manor that didn’t resemble complete chaos. I’m about to move my entire life again, and that’s not an easy thing to do. I won’t see my family, eat a home cooked meal, or sleep in my own bed for a long time. Things are a little hectic to say the least. But, what better cure for stress than to kick back and relax along one of Canada’s most beautiful lakes?

As I was sitting lake side at our Canadian resort (the finest log cabin any American’s ever seen) I was letting all my worries at home melt away. Really, by the time that we had been there for a few days, I had completely forgotten about anything I had to do when I got home. All I could think about was fishing, fishing, and, well, fishing. My mind was completely at ease. All my worries were forgotten, and my days were stress free.

But, on the drive home, the stuff that I had to do when I got home slowly leaked back into my brain. All the clothes I had to pack, all the books I had to order, all the money I had to spend on those books, all the supplies I had to buy, yada, yada, yada. That’s when I realized that the trip that I had just been on had given me something very important. The trip was more than just fishing, drinking, and sleeping in. It was an escape. An escape from all the annoying crap that I had to do when I got home. So, today’s kwote illustrates a very important thing that we all need to do from time to time.


Maybe you’re moving back to school, too. Maybe you have a super stressful job. Maybe you broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Maybe you’re just having a rough time with life in general. We all have lots of things that cause us to worry or fret. Whatever is causing you stress, there’s only one thing that you can do to relieve your pain. You have to relax.

Everyone does it in a different way. Some people listen to music, some people go for a walk, some people have a drink, some people smoke, some people take a vacation, some people eat a bowl of ice cream. Some people even go fishing. No matter how you do it, there’s always something that allows you to relax, to escape the worries and woes of everyday life.

Today’s kwote is telling us that everyone needs a little nonsense every now and then. Everyone needs to relax. Stress isn’t an easy thing to deal with. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and the bad things in life just keep piling up. Every time you turn around something different is going wrong, or you have to complete another tedious task. Stress picks away at you, frustrating you more and more every time it pops up. If your not careful, stress can cause you to completely meltdown, to lose control of your life. Things will gradually spiral out of your control. The stress keeps stacking up, making you feel like your going crazy. Before you know it, you’ll be in the fetal position, sucking your thumb in the middle of your living room floor.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not be sucking my thumb in a frantic panic. That’s just me, though.

So, take a load off! Turn on the TV and forget about your troubles for a while. Make time for a little bit of nonsense. It’ll surely do you some good. Relaxing lets you shut out all that troublesome crap that’s making you rip your hair out. It’s ok to ignore that stuff for a while. Shutting out all of your stress lets you reboot. After you’re done doing whatever it is you do to relax, you’ll be ready to take your stress head on. Sometimes, recharging your life batteries is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Whenever you feel like you’re stressing too much, just have a little bit of fun. Find whatever puts you at ease and allows you to extinguish those pesky, worrisome thoughts that you’ve been having. Go have some fun. Do yourself a tremendous favor and relax a little. And if you feel like your life is getting a little out of control, remember the wise words of Mr. Dahl:“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”.

End Kwote

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