“The one thing that I will most willingly prove, that when you are gone I’ll be fine without you.” -Angels & Airwaves

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Sometimes, you hear a lyric in a song and you’re like, “Wait a second, what did that just say?”, and you go back and listen to it a few times. After about the third time you hear it, you’re probably going, “Wow, that’s like, the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.”. Well, for me, this is one of those lyrics. The song is Do It For Me Now, by Angels and Airwaves. I’ve posted the music video for the song below so you can revel in its amazingness. The lyric that I’ve posted is at 2:36 in the vid.

So, take a listen to this wonderful tune and then read on.

I know, the tears of joy from listening to this song are hindering your ability to read the rest of today’s post. But, take a minute to dry your eyes and feel free to continue.

I’ve written on the subject of relationships a few times before, and this kwote certainly pertains to the same subject matter. But, this kwote is different in that it doesn’t contain a sort of subliminal message that requires us to peel back the layers (like a very stinky, but still tasty, onion). This kwote is plain, simple, and easy enough to decipher.

Everyone has experienced the woeful ending of a relationship. Whether that be the loss of a close friend because of a terrible argument, or the ever so dreaded break-up, most people know what it feels like. Typically, it feels like poo. It’s not usually a fun thing to lose someone who was close to you. You liked that person for one reason or another, so when he/she disappears in the blink of an eye, it can be tough. Now, maybe you enjoyed breaking up with a girlfriend/boyfriend that cheated on you or wronged you in some heinous way, but I promise, this kwote is still for you.

I believe that there are two main emotions that come about when you end a relationship. Yes, I’m going to generalize with using only two, and there are many more that could be added. But, generally, I think that two of the main emotions that you feel are sadness and anger. Sadness because you’re no longer friends with a person you were close with, and anger because that person pissed you off in one way or another.

We all know that dwelling on negative emotions, like sadness and anger, is a very bad thing to do. It makes us grumpy and not fun to be around. Kind of like that one elderly person that everyone seems to know that hates life and everything about it and looks like he/she only eats lemons. Our other friends, the ones that we still like, won’t be too fond of us being nasty, short, lemon eating, old people with them. After all, they didn’t do anything.

So, what can you do? Well, in a few blunt and not so sensitive words, you have to get over it.

Being all mopey is never going to make you feel better about what just happened. What you need to do is to tell yourself, “Yeah, that person’s gone, but guess what, I’m gonna be fine.”. You have to remind yourself that you’re going to be ok even though it feels like you just took a bullet to the chest. Reassure yourself that you’re a strong person, and that you don’t need anybody else. Yes, it’s much easier said than done, but I promise you that it’s possible.

Saying it is the first step, but doing it is the real deal. You’ve convinced yourself that you don’t need your ex-acquaintance, and that’s awesome. But now, go out and have some fun! Hang out with some other friends, or even try to meet someone new. Remind yourself that you don’t need that old relationship to enjoy life. Enjoying yourself without that person is a way to sort of stick it to them. It’s kind of like saying, “Yeah, you’re not here any more, but I’m still having a good time. Actually, I’m having a better time without you. I don’t need you.“. I know, it’s assholeish. But, it’ll feel pretty damn good.

Basically, I’m telling you to say “Screw you”. If you ended a relationship with a person, that means that, for some reason, you didn’t want them in your life anymore. Maybe they ended the relationship with you. All the more reason to reassure yourself of your independence. All the more reason to tell yourself that you don’t need them. You don’t need them. Really, you don’t. All you need are friends that care about you and a mindset that allows you to be a strong person, even when relationships end.

So, if you’re having some relationship difficulties, give this song another listen. Tell yourself that everything will be ok. Actually, tell yourself that everything will be more than ok. Tell yourself that everything is going to be awesome. Go out, have fun. Enjoy life without the idiot who was stupid enough not to see what a cool person you are. Enjoy it so much that your former friend becomes a distant memory, nothing but a hazy silhouette of your past.

If you’re in a pinch, always remember the wise words of the musical masters Angels & Airwaves: “The one thing that I will most willingly prove, that when you are gone I’ll be fine without you.”

End Kwote

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