“Don’t worry about pleasing me, worry about pleasing the people who give a shit about what you’re saying.” -Prof. DeSimone

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This is not Prof. DeSimone. I just thought this picture was cool. Now keep reading

Anyone who reads this that is a fellow college goer knows that sometimes, you meet a professor that just gets it. He or she is hip, cool, with it, rad, whatever lingo you want to use. Sometimes a prof just understands life. And, what’s even better is that sometimes they put they’re understanding into words that resonate with weirdos like you and me. Much like Professor DeSimone did last in class last Tuesday (my class is all about blogging, be jealous).

So, when Professor DeSimone uttered these wise words, I immediately scribbled them down, and ran up to her after class to ask permission to kwote her. Lucky for me, she was happy to allow me to use her words.

Before I start writing about today’s kwote, I should say that I’m not using my Professor’s kwote to suck up. I would have used it if my arch nemesis screamed it in my face. As the kwote says, I’m not doing this to please the wonderful professor, I’m doing it to please those who care about what I have to say.

That being said, an A+ in the course would be nice. Pretty please, with lots and lots of sugar on top.

Back to business. Writing for an audience is something that’s relatively new to me. Yeah, I’ve written essays for teachers, and technically they’re an audience, but I’m talking about publishing my writing for tons of other people to see (i.e. this blog). Before entering the blogosphere, I had never written anything for more than two or three people to see.

When you put your writing out there for all to observe, you can’ help but ask yourself, “Is anyone going to like what I’ve written? Is anyone going to care?”. It’s only natural. Yes, writing should be for personal enjoyment and fulfillment, but we all wonder if anyone out there appreciates what we create. Generally, we all want people to like what we write.

However, one realization that all bloggers probably come to eventually is that we can’t please everyone. There are going to be some people out there who just don’t care about what you’re writing. Some people won’t give your blog the time of day. Some people don’t give a shit about what you’re saying.. Well, if they don’t give a shit about you, you shouldn’t give a shit about them.

Ask yourself, “Who am I writing this for? Who is going to care about what I have to say?”. After you’ve answered that question, after you’ve developed a loyal tribe of followers, then write for them. Because they do give a shit about what you have to say. Write for the people who want to see your work. They click the “Follow” button for a reason. They’re the ones you should be reaching out to, the ones whose opinions should carry a bit of weight. You’re followers are interested in what goes on in your brain. In turn, it should be in your interest to keep them interested. Find your followers. Keep them interested

Now, who’s the one person that should give the most shits about what you’re writing? You guessed it. You. If you don’t care about what you’re posting, then no one else will either. If you’re not invested in some way in the content that you write, it will never be interesting to anyone who looks it over. You have to care about your writing. You have to be passionate about your writing. You have to give a shit about your writing. Writing about something that’s important to you is the only way to make your content important to others. People like to hear what fires you up, what you care the most about. So, give em what they want.

When writing for the whole world to see, identify who your writing to. Identify who is actually going to care about the words you type. If you’re really passionate about something, chances are there are tons of other people out there who are passionate about that very same thing. Find them. Write to them. And if you ever get worried about reaching out to an audience, remember Professor DeSimone’s kick ass kwote: “Don’t worry about pleasing me, worry about pleasing the people who give a shit about what you’re saying.”

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