The Hand Writer

My initial idea to do this feature. Yes, I know, I have gross hands

My initial idea to do this feature. Yes, I know, I have gross hands

So, I have a ton of random thoughts. A ton of weird, funny, and sometimes profound thoughts. Usually when these thoughts pop into my head, I don’t have anything to record them with or anyone to tell them to. Like a small child’s red balloon, my thoughts slip away into eternity. That was possibly the saddest thing I’ve ever written in my life.

Anyways, sometimes I write the thoughts that I have on my hands. My hands are, well, handy. They’re always there for me to scratch stuff down on. They let me hold on to some of those red balloons that usually fly away.

Then, I had an idea. I said to myself, “Why don’t I share my weird-ass thoughts with my blogger friends! They might think my thoughts are weird and funny, too.” And so, I created a new feature for my blog. The Hand Writer.

If I have any thoughts or ideas, I’ll scribble them down on my hand, take a picture, then post it for all my fellow humans to see. I’ll also write a little something about what I was thinking when I jotted down the idea.

I’m still bringing you kwotes, but these kwotes are ones that come from my brain. Stuff that I think about or witness throughout my ever so exciting life.

As you can see, my first post for The Hand Writer is my initial idea to start this feature. I thought, “Hey, this would be pretty neat.”, so I wrote it down on my hand, and here we are.

Do you write on your hands? Am I alone in this ink-filled venture? I sure hope not.

End Kwote

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