Grow Young


“Those whom the gods favor grow young.” -Oscar Wilde

I used to be young. I used to be a kid. Remember that? When you were a kid and nothing seemed to matter? When life was easy and the most stressful thing you had to do was clean your room? I do. Not only do I remember it, I miss it. I miss it like hell. There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do to have those days back.

I miss those days more than anything in the word.

I miss the times when playing in the back yard was like playing in the Super Bowl. I miss going for bike rides to no where. I miss watching movies that didn’t have any subliminal messages or deep metaphors. I miss playing catch with my Dad. I miss Rocket Power. I miss books that are less than a hundred pages. Hell, I miss books with pictures. I miss when having an imaginary friend was totally legit. I miss thinking that a dollar was the same as a million dollars. I miss playing little league baseball. I miss the freakin Boy Scouts.

I miss playing hide and seek. I miss believing in Santa. I miss feeling like a badass when I use swear words. I miss thinking that coffee is only for grown-ups. I miss my Mom making me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and eating them like they were the thickest, juiciest steaks that I had ever sank my teeth into. I miss bed-time stories. I miss thinking that a sleepover at a friends house was the biggest deal in the world. I miss grade school. I miss recess. I miss my childhood friends. I miss my childhood summers. I miss my childhood thoughts. I miss my childhood.

I miss being a kid.

Growing old is inevitable. It happens to everyone. Yes, it’s very that we can’t hold on to all of these things. They’re amazing and they provide you with the best memories that you’ll ever have. But they do disappear. Life happens and all of the simple things go away.

So here’s my advice to you. Don’t get all mean, crabby, and jaded like most people do. Instead, enjoy life and everything that it has to offer. Have fun at any opportunity that you get. Smile and laugh with the people you love. Act like a kid whenever you want to. Do things that are immature, childish, nonsensical, or ridiculous and make sure you have a damn good time doing them.

Don’t let time change you into something that’s dark and musty. Remember all the things that you miss about your childhood and do things that give you those same feelings. Do things that make you happy. Do things that make you feel like a kid.

Life is too short to waste on growing old. Don’t waste your life. Don’t grow old. Instead, grow fun. Grow bright. Grow fast. Grow joyful. Grow crazy.

Grow young

End Kwote

3 thoughts on “Grow Young

    1. Indeed it does. A fine observation, good sir.
      And thank you for the follow! I greatly appreciate it.

      Your blog is actually one that I pull a lot of inspiration from. I really enjoy reading. So thank you for that as well

      I’m done thanking you, I swear

      1. That’s very kind of you man. I’m sure (I’d guess) that you might be able to relate, but actually processing praise is difficult for me. Doesn’t make much sense in my head. But I’m glad you’ve enjoyed. I’m a fairly shit “follower” cause I don’t have the net at home, so my internet time is usually spent doing stuff that I need to do. But I’ll be back. I like your writing.

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