TUESDAY TUNEDAY: “Going Away to College” – blink-182

Tuesday Tuneday Songs

Yes, you read it correctly. Tuesday Tuneday. Instead of bringing you all covers of my favorite songs on Sundays, I’ve switched the event to Tuesdays.

Why? Well, it seems as though my fellow humans aren’t inclined to watch videos or view blog posts on a Sunday afternoon. So, I’m accommodating all of your viewing needs and changing the day that I post this feature. Lucky for you all, you get two songs this week!

And Tuesday Tuneday just sounds cooler

This weeks song is “Going Away to College” by blink-182. If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m a fiend for all things blink-182. This song’s no exception.

The lyric that I really love in this song is “This world’s an ugly place, but you’re so beautiful to me”.

Yeah, the world can suck. It can be an ugly, nasty, jerk. But, there are some things that stay beautiful no matter how overwhelming the world’s ugliness gets.

What are one of those things for you? What do you find beautiful no matter what?

Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Tuesday Tuneday song. If you didn’t, shame on you.

End Kwote

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