Tuesday Tuneday Songs

This week’s Tuesday Tuneday song is “Hallelujah”. This song has been performed by a lot of different artists, so I wasn’t entirely sure who to credit it to. But it is a cover, just so we’re clear.

And yes, I did cover this song with my ukulele. I know, it’s very “hipster” of me, but the ukulele’s pretty cool and I thought I’d switch it up a little bit for you guys. There really isn’t a lyric or anything that sticks out to me in this song. It’s just plain cool. Hope you enjoy!

Ohh and if there are any songs that you’d like to hear on future Tuesday Tunedays please let me know. I take requests.

Good day, and good luck

And if you enjoy a good ukulele tune, check out turnandfaceme.wordpress.com. The lovely Hannah Etch performs some awesome songs with her ukulele. Check her out her blog!

End Kwote

7 thoughts on “TUESDAY TUNEDAY: Hallelujah

  1. Great cover, really enjoyed your version and it is definitely Leonard Cohen who wrote / performed the original, although as you said there hav been loads of covers of it.
    Personally I love the Jeff Buckley version and Jon Bon Jovi does an pretty good version live as well!


    1. Thank you! And I appreciate the info. I’ve always wondered who originally performed this song. The Jeff Buckley version is my personal favorite as well.

      Thanks for checkin out my blog!!

    1. You’re right! He definitely does do it. There are some others that do it as well, though (Jeff Buckley, Kuwait). I wasn’t entirely sure who originally did it. It may very well be Leonard Cohen. Thanks for the listen!!

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