The Real Life Channel (Hand Writer)

Life is like television

Life is like television

Life is like television.

First, and possibly foremost, you have shitty, awful, boring daytime television. Long infomercials, talk shows that no one cares about, soap opera re-runs, horrible cartoons, and movies that got two out of five stars. Generally, daytime TV sucks.

Some parts of your life are a lot like daytime TV. Boring, not fun, crappy, crummy, whatever you want to call it. You go to work, go to school, go to meetings, do homework, all that sort of stuff. Like daytime television, these things are generally loathed by the normal population of humans. They make us sigh in disgust when we think about them. If you like daytime TV, well, you should get some help.

Similarly, there are some shows on TV that we just loathe. The shows that, if we happen upon while channel surfing, immediately get skipped over. Personally, Duck Dynasty is one of those shows that I can’t stand to have on my TV for more than a millisecond. Whenever I see it, I cringe, die a little bit inside, then abruptly change the channel.

There are people in life that are a lot like these shows. People that we can’t stand to see, and if we do see them, it’s a fierce battle to contain ourselves from screaming obscenities or throwing the nearest large object through a window. Yeah, we all know people like this and we hate being around them. That’s why we change the channel when we see them (See what I did there? Changing the channel is a metaphor for walking away. I know, nifty).

Conversely, there are shows that we love. Shows that we watch every week without fail. Shows that make us happy when we watch them. Shows that are genuine, real, and well put together.

These shows are our best friends, the people that we always like to hang out with. The people who make us laugh, think, talk, have fun, and relax. They remind us of the good things in life, the things that make life a little more manageable. We like these people and because of that, we let them stick around.

Have I made all the possible comparisons between life and TV? No, absolutely not. That list could go on and on. But, just to show you that there is an analogy to be made, I’ve listed a few of the comparisons that popped into my brain.

How else is life like TV? Do you see the comparison? Am I a crazed weirdo for comparing life to images on a screen?

Your thoughts would be cool.

Have a splendid weekend. Don’t watch too much TV

End Kwote

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