The Modown: Eleventh Heaven


Yes, it’s that time of day. Time for some good ol’ fashioned mustachery. You’re excited, I know.

Today’s Modown man is chill, to say the least. He might even be the chillest dude of all time. Aside from his cool demeanor, he’s been in lots of movies and stuff, cementing him as a mustachioed icon.

In the company of my good friend Nick is the famous, the fantastic, the mustache master, Cheech.

Here’s today’s Modown pic. Hope you enjoy.

picstitch (10)

Come back for the rest of November to see all of The Modown!!

End Kwote

4 thoughts on “The Modown: Eleventh Heaven

  1. I’m enjoying this Stach-a-thon. i’d love to grow a stache. But I live right next door to a primary school (I think that’s a junior school in your language). So I fear that if I were to grow a stache that I might draw too much stache-spicion.

    1. Ahh. I see your predicament. If only we could go back in time and find the bastard that started this stache stereotype. We could keep him from doing whatever it is he did. Then, perhaps, this wonderful facial hair wouldn’t be frowned upon.

      Regardless, I’m glad you’re enjoying The Modown. Thanks for reading

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