A Student of the Theater

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I took a movie class once. It was pretty cool. Actually, it was really, very freaking cool. I loved it and, more importantly, I discovered just how much I love movies.

So, taking my new-found love for film, I started writing movie reviews for my university’s online publication. I found that I rather liked this move review business.

After accumulating a few of these reviews, I had a notion.

“What if I used these reviews that I love to write oh-so-much for a movie review blog?”

A splendid idea!! And why not? I enjoy doing it, after all.

That’s why I’m formulating this post. To let you know of my latest project, Film Me In

I, along with my compadre The Codeman (who runs his own sporty blog, Sarcastic Sports Talk) will be writing movie reviews and previews for the world of bloggery.

If you wana know which movies suck and which ones don’t, then I suggest you check out our brand spankin new site, Film Me In. It’s gonna be cool, I promise.

If you like to talk about the finer aspects of theater (basically anything about movies), then please don’t hesitate to contact me or The Codeman. We love hearing from fellow movie people.

And with that, I’ll leave you to your reading.

Good afternoon, and good luck.

End Kwote

2 thoughts on “A Student of the Theater

    1. I did see that. Needless to say, I was a little frustrated.

      It’s still wordpress, though. The url is just slightly different. It’s filmmein1.wordpress.com

      If you click the name of the site in this post it should take you there.

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