Adventures in Twitter Fiction


My New Year’s resolution was to write a book. Well, I guess it still is my resolution, but the likelihood of it being accomplished is rather low.

I was off to a good start in the first weeks of January, writing large chunks of story every day. But alas, I had to go back to college. And college involves learning things. And learning things makes one very busy.

As a result, I haven’t the time to complete this work of fiction that I’ve been dreaming of for some time. I’ve failed already, it seems.

Fear not! All’s not lost!

No, I might not have the time to write a book, but I can do something smaller.

“Short stories are a dandy place to start!” I told myself. Start small, then work my way up. Seems like a logical plan of attack.

But short stories have been done before. What’s gonna make mine so cool? What’s gonna set me apart from the bazillions of other short story writers? How am I gonna make my short stories unique? A fine dilemma if I’ve ever seen one.

*dramatically scratch my chin and stare into the distance*

I have the answer!


I’ll write short stories within the confines of the Twitter machine. Then I’ll release each tweet in a story-line that tells a small tale. I’ll limit myself to no more than ten tweets per story, and, of course, I’ll have the 140 character limit per tweet.

Yes, this has been done before, but it’s still a very fresh method of fiction writing. It’s definitely a newer thing than writing plain, old short stories.

So there! I can still satisfy my storytelling appetite with these small bits of twitter-literature (twitterature).

I plan on releasing my first twitter short story this Monday at 7:00 p.m.. If you’d like to tune in (I highly recommend that you do) you can follow me on twitter. My twitter account is over there on the right side of this page. All you have to do is click the little “Follow” button with the blue birdy on it. I’ll also rehash the story on my blog after I release it.

I hope you’ll check out my first twitterature adventure (again, Monday at 7:00 p.m.). As always, comments, thoughts and insights are welcome.

That’s all for now. Have a splendid Saturday night.

End Kwote

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Twitter Fiction

  1. Looking forward to it! I am very interested in seeing the fruits of your Twitterized literary ambition. I was never very good at keeping things very short, so I will be eager to see how you manage. Good luck!

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