The 16 Most Interesting Things About the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl was on last night. You might have caught it. Happened upon it while channel surfing or something like that.

If you did watch it, you probably noticed that it wasn’t fantastic in terms of entertainment. The game was very lopsided. The commercials weren’t even that good. It certainly one of my favorite Super Bowls as a viewer.

However, I did find a few things interesting. Some dealing with the game, some not. I thought, “Hey, I should share my interesting thoughts with my interesting viewers.” So, here we are.

Here are the 16 most interesting things about last night’s Super Bowl.

1. This lady who rode out on an apparently restless horse: As soon as she came gallivanting out on this fine steed, I thought the stag was going to fling her off into the stands. Luckily (or unluckily), it didn’t.

“Hi-ho, Silver!!”


2. Russell Wilson’s Jerry curl: I spotted it immediately as the camera showed him on the sideline. It was that unmistakable look of both curliness and moisture compacted into one hair-do. I can’t decide if I like it or not. Regardless, it happened

See the resemblance?


3. The horrific Ford Fusion commercial: It was double the length of a normal Super Bowl commercial. But all it did was double the amount of hatred I have for Ford Fusions

“I’m James Franco. And I suck at commercials.”


4. Joe Namath’s fur coat: No explanation necessary


5. Joe Namath in general: I’m not sure what he was on, but I might like to have some.


6. Peyton’s purple head: It looked so painful


7. The game-starting safety: A rather unusual beginning to the Super Bowl

8. Peyton’s face just before the safety happened: I felt bad for the guy, but his expression was priceless

“Ohh shit”


9. The Chevy commercial about cows doing the dirty: Chevy took the classic “cows having sex” approach to their ad. It was a bold move. Not sure if it’ll pan out.

“It’s about to go down.”


10. My roommate Kevin wearing a bandanna like this

Also interesting is the fact that he's wearing a Bengal's jersey

Also interesting is the fact that he’s wearing a Bengal’s jersey


11. The Seinfeld commercial: I’m sure that any fellow Seinfeld fanatics wet themselves with glee at this perfectly executed advertisement.



12. Bruno Mars’ dance moves: Impressive to say the least


13. The Bruno Mars-Red Hot Chili Peppers dynamic: Surprisingly awesome


14. Morpheus making a commercial appearance: The context doesn’t really matter. I would buy anything that Morpheus tells me to buy

“Continue down the rabbit hole…and buy a Kia.”


15. Richard Sherman didn’t do anything insane: Shocked the world

“Be calm, Richard, be calm.”


16. Those poofy, silver jackets: Apparently they’re taking a space ship to Disney World


Well, there you have it. The 16 most interesting things about last night’s Super Bowl. I only had two eyeballs to observe the game with, so if you have anything to add, I hope you’ll share.

Until tomorrow.

End Kwote

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