Who the Hell am I?

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Who am I? What a bullshit question. In addition to changing every day, I’m also in the volatile “What the hell am I doing?” stage in my life. Right now, my identity isn’t easy to narrow down. Nonetheless, I’ll give it my best shot.

I guess the easiest way to answer is with a bunch of “I am” statements like “I am a writer,” “I am from Pennsylvania,” and “I am a brother.” Those things are all true, but they aren’t unique to me.

I think the best way to reveal who I truly am is to tell you what I believe in. So, here goes.

I believe in superstition (I keep a lucky pineapple under my bed). I believe in bowling as a method of therapy. I believe that smoking cigarettes makes me more creative. I believe that my dog can talk, but she just doesn’t want me to know. I believe that my parents would win the Parents of the World award if there was such a thing. I believe that introversion is productive. I believe that writing is meant to be weird. I believe that 49% of people suck. I believe that smell is the second most attractive thing about a girl, right behind intelligence. I believe that twenty minutes isn’t enough to adequately describe who I am. I believe in swear words, dammit. I believe in laughing at inappropriate moments. I believe in justice. I believe in Earl Grey tea. I believe in eating peanut butter with a spoon. I believe in taking care of myself. I believe in God (maybe).

I believe that there is no one who shares the exact same set of beliefs as me. And I believe that is pretty cool.

I wrote this for an assignment in my journalism class this morning. We had twenty minutes to describe who we were. Though difficult, I think this captures a large chunk of who I am.

But I know who I am. I’m me after all. I want to know who you are. More specifically, I want to know what you believe in. So tell me, what are your beliefs? Do you believe in gorging yourself on peanut butter like me? Or do you believe that peanut butter is a product of the hell-demon Gorlak and should be shunned by all the universe? I’m interested to hear.

On a different note, there will be no Tuesday Tuneday today. My voice has been destroyed by some otherworldly demon (Gorlak, perhaps) and now I sound like I ate a healthy helping of sandpaper for breakfast. My deepest apologies. I will resume my musical ways next Tuesday. That is all.

I believe that this Kwote has Ended

10 thoughts on “Who the Hell am I?

  1. I’m a fence jumper. Always have been and I will be until the day that I don’t quiet make it over and break my hip. Even when it makes me look ridiculous. Even when people are watching. Even when they see me and say “Look at this asshole.” I believe in enjoying my body, my physicality, and all that it is capable of. I believe in ignoring sidewalks and trails. I believe in refusing to allow social expectations to embarrass me into not doing the things that give me joy. I believe in the feeling of weightlessness and the impact of the Earth. Perhaps most of all, I believe in defying the effects of age, refusing to grow up and then grow down, to living as a child until the day that it kills me. I believe I will turn this comment into a post.

    1. To defy the effects of age. What an amazing thing to believe in. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s not easy to pinpoint all that stuff, but it’s awesome when you do.

      Keep jumping fences, my man. There’s nothing you can’t do.

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. I believe that you give too much credit to a larger portion of the human population. 😉 Kidding. Maybe.

    As for me, I believe that others perceptions of who I am as a person are based too much on physical appearance. We’re all guilty of that, to some extent, but I wonder how much more accurate someone could pin who I *am* based on how I *look* if I thought more about aligning the two. Hm.

    1. That could very well be true. I’m just guestimating.

      I think your point is true for a lot of people. We tend to shape our perceptions based on what we see. It’s hard sometimes to see how someone really is. That’s why we tend to jump to conclusions in terms of appearance. Basically, we just need to get to know each other.

      Thanks for the read!

  3. I think this is a great example of what a writer’s resume should look and feel like. Your personal mission statement is fun and honest. I give you a lot of credit for thinking that 51% of people don’t suck, though.

    1. Thank you! I almost went down the generic route, but then my writing conscience steered me in a different direction.

      I’m glad you caught that! I was afraid people would think that 49% was just random

  4. I’ve sometimes wondered just who I am. Sometimes, I think that I’m actually a much different person than most people think I am, but then I wonder if the perception others have of us are a more accurate reflection of who we “really” are. And then I start to get a headache thinking about it.

    1. Damn..that’s a way that I’ve never thought of it. I think the true self I hidden from the majority of people, though. But, again, what exactly is the true self? This just got real nice and philosophical

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