The Wundles



I gaze into space to see the Wundles,
Wundling about in the starry jumble.

I picture them in their cosmic world,
Peering down here, their cosmic brows furled.

Gazing into space, I constantly wonder,
What Wundles do in the stars out yonder.


So I wrote this in hopes of submitting it to the Gargleblaster challenge over at Yeah Write, but it seems that the grid closed before I could enter my submission. Despite the tiny size of this post, it was pretty damn hard to write. It had to be 42 words exactly, so there was a lot grumbling, screaming, and wall-punching involved in writing it. You can imagine how irked I was after I found out I couldn’t even submit the damn thing. But, I figured I’d still post it anyhow, cause why not? It’s a nifty prompt, and it deals with a question that we should all ponder: What keeps you gazing at the stars?


9 thoughts on “The Wundles

  1. I am so sorry you missed the grid, but I love that you posted your link in the comments! Do submit it to the moonshine grid as well, if you like! (

    This poem has such a whimsical sing-song aspect to it, but I like the deep question, too. Really well done, IMO.

    And your postscript shows that you really got the point: it’s *hard* to write short pieces. But there’s great value in wrestling with your words, I think. You did a fantastic job. Hope to see you next week!

  2. Oh, this is just awesome! I’m still grinning at the Wundles “wundling about”. I don’t know why that delighted me so much. This is lovely writing.

  3. Yay! Thanks for trying to join! I really liked this! You can still post it in the comments of the grid for some extra exposure 🙂 This is actually the first time I’ve seen a grid close early. We reached our 42 entries in a little over 24 hours. Please come back next week! Grid is open on Monday and Tuesday (or until we reach 42) and voting starts on Wednesday. Yay Gargleblaster!

    1. Thanks! I really like this challenge. It’s…challenging. Definitely some good brain exercise.

      I’ll do that! And I’ll definitely be back again.

      1. You can also link it up in the yeah write weekend moonshine grid for extra love and attention. It opens on Friday at 6 pm EDT. A few other people will be doing the same.
        I thought writing the 200-word story was hard until I tackled this. And to get EXACTLY 42 words was an added (but fun!) stretch. Love your take.

        1. Ahh! I’ll probably do that. Thanks for the tip.

          Yeah this was damn hard. I spent a while staring at my computer screen trying to get it right. It was a lot of fun though. Who knew rules could be cool

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