This is for You

Humorous, Life

To the grumpy bastard who works at the Driver’s License Center: you aren’t nearly as important as you think you are. And the majority of people would love to shove something jagged in your eyeball.

To the kid who shoves his/her accomplishments in my face in hopes that I’ll notice: I don’t.

To the one who constantly complains about life to make me feel sorry: I’m not

To the teacher who makes students feel small: you’re weak. And don’t think for a second that we all don’t notice.

To the kid who’s different for the sake of being different: give it a fucking rest.

To the tortured soul: look at the sun and smile.

To my best friends: you make life livable

To the kid who plays with his food: don’t you dare stop.

To anyone who says they don’t care what people think: you’re funny.

To the person who never shuts up: one day, I will strike you.

To the girl who can’t find a guy: look harder.

To the guy who can’t find a girl: I feel you.

To Cheryl Tiegs: there’s a poster of you on my wall.

To exes and failed flings: piss off.

To liars: piss off.

To cheaters: Piss. Off.

To false hopes: Why?

To optimism: Ehh, it probly won’t work out.

To creativity: please sir, may I have some more?

To time: slow down for Christ’s sake.

To the ignorant, ill-intentioned, beautiful girl: you’re ugly.

To the ignorant, ill-intentioned, good-looking guy: it’ll catch up soon.

To good people: thank you.

To funny people: thank you.

To really, truly beautiful people: thank you.

To me: stop hiding. Stop pretending like you have it figured out. Man up. Go after your what you want. Be yourself. Stop making excuses. Start trying. Appreciate what you have. Don’t stop. Don’t look back. Keep taking risks. Live your dreams. Live your life. Just live.

To all the people trying to make their way and have a damn good time while they do it. To all the people who get lost sometimes. To all the people who are more than a little crazy. To all the people whose minds wander. To all the people who love. To all the people who laugh. To all the people who understand: this is for you.

Just live.

End Kwote

7 thoughts on “This is for You

  1. Regarding cheaters…a bit under.stated, but I hear you and it echoes across my soul.

    Regarding optimism…we know it probly won’t work out…we know. It’s a matter of this: I’d rather be wrong sometimes and still be cheerful as much as I can than be depressed all the time and right often.

    Trust me. I’ve lived both versions, and it isn’t always an easy choice…but I have learned that I prefer to live with disappointment and recover than live with my pessimism daily.

    It’s a very personal choice, though. And I’m not talking about forcing smiles and faking silver linings either. This is not some bs about staying positive.

    I enjoy your writing. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the comment! And you’re right. How we choose to deal with the world and the people in it is a very personal choice.

      I appreciate that. Thanks for stopping by.

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