The Block


It’s 3:46 p.m. Check my phone. Nothing. I dunno why I constantly check it. I know nothing’s new. It’s just a tick I guess. Maybe something about the back-lit screen will poof an idea into my head.


My friend just sat down, though. Maybe something about her will inspire me. Maybe something she says will blip an idea into my brain.

“How was your Easter?”

“Good, your’s?”



Maybe if I look outside, look at the nature and all the neat things in it, I’ll find something worthy of writing about. Yeah. Maybe if I look at the sun and the trees and the grass I can think of something. Right.

So there are the trees. They’re pretty green and stuff. And the sun. It’s…bright. The grass was just cut. Maybe I can make some sort of crafty metaphor out of that. The freshly cut grass is just like life. It’s short. And you have to take care of it. And…it’s green.



Maybe if I just stare at the computer screen for like three minutes something will just happen.








How in Christ’s name does this happen? Some days I have like fifty bazillion ideas to write about. Some days thoughts just pile on-top of my head like some kind of idea avalanche. Some days it’s annoying how many ideas I get. They flood my unprepared, slightly undersized noggin and prevent me from doing anything else. Why can’t one of those thoughts come right now? Why can’t I find a damn thing to write about? Why is this blogging thing torturing me so?

It’s like some demon-spirit appeared in my room while I was sleeping and ripped everything out of my head. And in exchange it put a block right in front of the brain part that sends ideas to my fingertips. I can feel it. Just clogging everything up. Damming all the progress. What the hell? What the hell? Just think of something. Think. Think. Think.


So I’ve got it. The block. I can’t think of a single thing to write about. I would ask if you’ve ever had it, but I know the answer is yes. But how do you deal with it? How do you get rid of the damn thing? I’d sure like to know. Cause it’s making life for me real nice and difficult. Please. Help.

End Kwote

7 thoughts on “The Block

  1. Just write. Even if it’s crap. Plow through the crappy words and eventually a paragraph or a single sentence will glow amidst all the crap and you will have your moment of inspirational awareness. Or not. Either way, the only way to destroy the block is to write your way through it. Good luck! You’re not alone!!! Check out my posts about my writing processes and struggles too!! This post reminded me of them.

  2. well my answer would be take a small break and give you brain a small rest.Don’t think too much,don’t worry too much and i always believed good blogging topics come from simple things. šŸ˜†

  3. I write posts like this, or post a bunch of pictures downloaded from my phone.

    I am trying to get better about capturing ideas when they hit me randomly, but often I can’t interpret what my notes say later :-/

  4. On days when you have an ‘idea avalanche,’ remind yourself to leave 10 minutes (at the end of your writing time) to toss a few of those ideas into a Brainstorm File. Go back to it when your mind feels barren.
    “We take what’s given and work with that. The rest is grace.”
    W.S. DiPiero (poet/ essayist)

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