Wake Me Up

Inspirational, Life

Wake me up.

Wake me up in a bed made of gold and good dreams and tell me that life’s no big deal. Wake me up into a world with clouds that brush my face and whisper sweet somethings about how tomorrow can only be better than today, and that every smile saves three lives. Wake me up with beautiful faces who know a good thing when they see it and kiss me on the cheek with lips like butter cream and love songs.

Wake me up to a day where rain doesn’t exist and the only thing that defines the sky is a sun filled with the remnants of summer bonfires, teaming with marshmallow sticks and melted chocolate. Wake me up to a day where the lights turn themselves on and my shoes never untie. Wake me up to a day where it seems like a crime to breathe.

Wake me up and let my face feel the breeze from kind words wisping from your mouth. Wake me up and write me notes on crinkled paper about how nothing’s as bad as it seems and how tonight will bring prophecies of nights to be had and days to be spent with you, wondering what the other people are doing and if they’re looking at the same moon.

Wake me up and blind me. Blind me to the lost hellos and ignored flirtations. Blind me to illogical bad moods and bitter candy. Blind me to missed opportunities and aborted ideas. Blind me to the kid who threw brown mustard at my door for no particular reason. Blind me to high hopes. Blind me to empty souls. Blind me to scary reality.

Wake me up and pave a road with smooth concrete, impervious to cracks and potholes, invincible through time, that takes me to where I want to be. Wake me up and point your finger in the most exciting direction. Wake me up and carry me through thickets and brush piles, and dive with me into the cold river to search for something shiny beneath the mud.

Wake me up and waste the day. Waste the day holding hands with laziness, telling chores to fuck off, and eating too much pizza.

Wake me up.

Wake me up and tell me that good things come to good people, and that I’m as good as the next guy. Wake me up and tell me that the future is waiting for me with a glass full of whisky and a pack of long cigarettes, sitting on a couch, staring at the sky and thinking about nothing. Wake me up and remind me that the past is waving at me, shouting twisted goodbyes that I’d rather forget.

Wake me up with messy hair and a headache, laughing at a past that’s not so bad and picturing a future that feels like greatness.

Wake me up.

Wake me up and steal my heart. Put it in fireproof box and keep it somewhere safe. Open that box every morning and show my heart that there’s still life left to be lived and that it’s worth beating just a few more times.

Wake me up.

And be my friend. Stick around until the day’s or world’s end. And if it does end, lay down to sleep.

Right next to me.

And set me free.

End Kwote

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