Hold Still

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There are very few nights that make life seem livable. I know that’s cynical, but it’s true.

It’s not a bad thing, though. If life were flooded with great nights, they wouldn’t seem so great anymore. But those nights exist, and they’re there for us to enjoy and embrace. They’re there for us to occupy.

We just have to find them.

We have to find the nights where all we do is act silly, break pictures frames, and smoke inside. We have to find those nights where everyone in the room looks beautiful (because they are). We have to find those nights where inside jokes are forged for the rest of our lives. We have to find those nights where we make friends with someone we never knew before, simply because we both laughed at something we shouldn’t have and, at the exact same time, our eyes met, and we both bonded over similar senses of fucked-up humor.

It’s the nights where you don’t have to think about anything that make life seem like no big thing. The nights where you can just smile and appreciate the cards you’ve been given, even if you have to fold later. It’s the times where you can talk about love and not act sad or pretend like you’ll never find it, and you finally feel happy for someone who’s found their someone. It’s the nights where you can cry your eyes out over something completely random and feel like it’s routine.

A lot of people – including me – think that life is usually cruel and shitty and backhanded. But that can’t be true. It can’t be. Because there are people and places and moments that can fill the holes that life’s punched us full of. There’s a life out there that is good and happy and fun and light.

We just have to find it.

There are nights that lift the weights off of life. There are nights that feel like we’ve always been together, keeping each other company, borrowing cigarettes and stealing lighters, and reveling in every single second. There are nights where it’s impossible to be cynical, where there’s only one law and that’s to scream laughter. There are nights like that, hiding around the corner, peaking at us timidly, waiting for an introduction.

So, to the nights that make me smile in the morning: thank you. Thank you for making the air easier to breathe and the ground easier to stand on. Thank you for good feelings, great friends, and better memories. Thank you for giving me hope.

To the nights that make life worth living, I only have one thing to ask. Just one small favor that would help me and everyone else in the world a whole hell of a lot.

Hold still.

End Kwote

4 thoughts on “Hold Still

  1. I agree with everything except not wanting to be flooded with great nights. I say, even if they lose their “specialness,” I say bring on as many great nights as possible.

  2. Great writing! Was just thinking about this today. I live for Friday nights! The rest of the week just seems so hard and boring. All week I wake up entirely too early to go to a job I don’t particularly like, then go home, eat, sleep, and turn around and do the same the next day. On Friday nights me and a few friends go out to a shitty bar and forget the harshness of the work week. We talk way too much about things that don’t matter and we laugh way too loud at jokes that are stupid. I want to find a life where I can have more of those nights and less of the hard, boring stuff.

    1. Thanks! That’s exactly right. It’s tough (but also rewarding) because those nights are few and far between. Have to keep searching, though.

      Thanks for the read.

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