There Are Plenty of Gefilte Fish in the Sea


“There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

-An optimistic person

You’ve heard it before. Whether it was said to you or you heard someone say it to someone else, this phrase has passed through your ears more than a few times. Maybe you got dumped and your best bro told you, “It’s all good, brother. There are plenty of fish in the sea.” That’s a comforting idea. That the person you’ve lost is replaceable. That there are other people, lots of them, waiting to be “caught.” That all you have to do is go fishing and your sorrows could be alleviated.

I was pondering this phrase the other day, and I’m wondering if it really holds as much weight as people give it credit for. Is it true? Are there really plenty of fish in the sea? Should this make us feel better if we’ve been dumped or left or what have you?

Well, like most things, it depends.

I hate to be that guy, but I’m going to try to answer a question with a question. Instead of asking if there really are plenty of fish in the sea, I think the more appropriate question to ask is this: Do you believe in true love?

Your answer to that question should (in my opinion) dictate your thoughts on the actual number of fishies in that big blue thing.

First, what exactly is true love? Simple. True love is the thought that there is exactly one person in the entire world that you’re meant to love. This is where we get somewhat sappy phrases like “I was meant for you,” and “You’re my only one.” It’s an easy enough concept to grasp; for every one person, there is one – and only one – love companion…

….and for some reason, this image of carrots comes up on Google when you search the term “love companions.”


Anyways, there’s a pretty clear-cut definition of true love. Now we’re all set to explore the options.

First, we’ll say that you do not believe in true love. That is, you think that it’s possible to, in the true sense of the word, love more than one person during your entire life span.

For you non-believers, the sea is in fact extremely large and polluted with fish. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Aren’t you non-believers lucky?

Makes sense, right? You aren’t restricted in a way that only allows you to really love one person. You can fish for someone else. Bait another hook. Take a swim in the great blue beyond. Sample the sushi bar. There are a lot of fish swimming around, and if you lose one that you like (love), well, that’s no biggie. Plenty more to be had. The phrase in question should comfort you if you’ve lost your love companion (your human love companion, not your carrot one). You can brush it off, get back on your feet, and give the love thing another whirl.

Now for the other side. Let’s say you do believe in true love. You have a one and only. There’s exactly one person out there for you.

As you may have guessed, the phrase, “There are plenty of fish in the sea” shouldn’t mean shit to you. Because really, there’s only one fish that matters…


For you believers, there aren’t plenty of fish in the sea. Well, technically, I guess there are. When we say “the sea” we really mean the earth, and when we say “fish” we really mean people. There’s no denying that there are plenty of people on the earth, and therefore “plenty of fish in the sea.” But, nearly all of those fish aren’t really fish. They’re gefilte fish.

Don’t know what gefilte fish is? Gefilte fish is like a meld of a couple of different types of fish that are ground up and shaped into whatever shape you want it to look like. The clammy hand below is kindly displaying an example of gefilte fish.

It’s not dinosaur poo, I swear

I know, it doesn’t look or sound particularly appetizing. But that’s not my point.

My point is that technically, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But, the phrase we’re talking about should actually look like this: There are plenty of gefilte fish in the sea. I’ll tell you what I mean.

In a way, gefilte fish is fake fish. It’s not really fake in that it’s made with real fish, but there are no gefilte fish actually swimming around in the sea. However, when it comes to the sea of life, I contest that there are in fact gefilte fish swimming among us. They flip their ground-up, synthesized fishy tales back and forth, swimming to and fro. Let’s say, for the sake of this analogy, that there are gefilte fish in the “sea.”

If you believe in true love, which, if you haven’t guessed, is the camp in which I reside, then you, too, should believe that there are plenty of gefilte fish swimming in the sea. Like I said, gefilte fish are real, but they aren’t exactly what you’re looking for. You want a fish that’s totally, completely, real and pure. You don’t want some thrown together, piecemeal type of thing. You want the real deal.  It’s very possible that you may have caught a gefilte fish once before, and it may have seemed ok for a little while. But, after some time, you realized that it wasn’t real. It wasn’t the fish you were looking for. It’s not your one and only. So you “throw it back” and try again.

But here’s the thing; there are plenty of gefilte fish in the sea. And by plenty, I mean that there’s only one fish in the sea that isn’t a gefilte fish. If you believe in true love, then you’d feel the same way. Happy fishing.

Apologies, but for those of you who claim to believe in true love, there are not plenty of fish in the sea. Really, it’s just a lot of gefilte fish.

So, what do you think? Are there plenty of real fish in the sea, or is it just a bunch of gefilte fish? I’d love to hear your thoughts as I don’t fancy myself an expert on the matter. Please feel free to comment in the little comment box below.

Thank you kindly.

End Kwote

12 thoughts on “There Are Plenty of Gefilte Fish in the Sea

    1. A fine point. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. You might very well be looking for a gefilte fish (not you specifically, but you get my point).

      And yes, I’d agree that the food gefilte fish is really not too bad

  1. Honestly, I think the answer depends on what you want – and I truly believe it’s that convenient (but not necessarily easy). I think that if the relationship has ended, then I t definitely wasn’t meant to be. And in that case, why not giving other fish a try? Life is all about trying, making mistakes, getting hurt, then getting stronger and moving on; and I believe that love is also all about that! I believe that sometimes, when it comes to love, we must be practical

  2. Hmm.. I’m all over the place on this. I don’t necessarily think that there is this ONE person out there on the earth that you have to find and hope your circumstances lead to… I think that it’s possible I could have made a series of different choices and ended up perfectly happy with someone other than the person I am with. I don’t think that’s unromantic though– because I didn’t make those other choices so he is the one I ended up with. And then I contradict myself by believing that he is who I am meant to be with…. but again, that’s based on a series of choices. If I’d not dated a certain shitty guy, I wouldn’t have been a train wreck, I wouldn’t have traveled, I wouldn’t have ended up in this job, living where I live, etc… all those choices made me the person that is meant to be with The Boyfran.

    Did I make it worse? It’s almost bed time, why are you making me use my brain? I’m terrified to read back over this comment so I’m just going to hit “post comment.” 😉

    1. Makes perfect sense. And sometimes bed time is brain time, too.

      Here’s what I think: You had reasons for making your choices. Reasons that I’m sure fell in line with who you are and what you value. Those choices – and the reasons you made them – led you to your one, your Boyfran (I do hope he’s your one, and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together. I bet you thought this comment wasn’t gonna be sappy, didn’t you. No one gets away without some sap. No one *evil but sappy laugh*) My point is that because the reasons for your choices are ingrained in who you are as a person, that they are also intimately related to who your true love is.

      I think (and this is just my opinion) that a different set of choices could have led to you a nasty, stinky gefilte fish lair. You might not have found your one otherwise. But like I said before, you had reasons for choosing how you did, and that’s what led you to where you are.

      But here’s a tasty little curveyball; it could be that, if The Boyfran is your one (again, I hope he is), that no matter what choices you made, you would find him in the end. Fate (another topic to debate) would lead you to your one true love.

      I hope that makes a shred of sense. Regardless, thank you kindly for the read and for the thoughtful comment. It’s much appreciated : )

  3. What about the one true love who dies? Is there no one else out there for the one who is is left? Not another true love waiting to be found? I hope that’s not true. ( And for the record, I HATE gefilte fish!)

    1. Sorry, Mama. No exceptions. True love is true love. That means there’s a one – and exactly one – and only.

      I can take or leave the gefilte fish

  4. Andrew m’love, I think you got it! Truer fishy words have not been spoken! And congrats on your new position, as stated in Linkedin.

  5. I want to believe in true love and all the fish in the sea, but I don’t think I can be dragged anywhere near the water again anytime soon.

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