TUESDAY TUNEDAY: Coldplay – “The Scientist”

Tuesday Tuneday Songs

Hey, folks. For this Tuesday Tuneday, I thought I’d play a song that always finds a way to bring me out of a gloomy mood. Their songs are never depressing, and they never make me ponder life and wonder if it all doesn’t mean a damn thing.

This week’s cover song is originally performed by Coldplay.

And if you know much about Coldplay, you’d know that most of their songs aren’t actually very uplifting, but rather a big melancholy sad.

But hey, who doesn’t like to listen to a sad song once in a while? No one, that’s who. So, today I’ve performed a cover of “The Scientist” by Coldplay, which is indeed beautifully somber.

I hope you enjoy.

Make sure to come back every Tuesday to hear all my cover tunes. Remember, I take requests.

End Kwote

On a separate note, End Kwote is currently under a bit of construction. Please excuse the fiddle-faddling as I tinker around with what looks best. Thanks!

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