TUESDAY TUNEDAY: blink-182 – “When I Was Young”

Tuesday Tuneday Songs

Hello folks.

So it’s another Tuesday Tuneday. I’ve been pretty good about staying consistent with these song covers, but it was difficult for me to do this week. As I mentioned in a post that you can read by clicking right here, I’ve been crazy busy for the past few weeks. I’ve had almost no time to write let alone pick a song to cover for Tuesday Tuneday.

Unfortunately, because of my busy schedule and because I’ve lost my voice from using it at a higher-than-normal volume, I wasn’t able to perform you a cover this week.

I know. I feel very bad and I apologize to any of you who are fans of my song covers.

To replace my usual performance, I thought I’d post a music video (it’s an unofficial music video, but I think it’s pretty cool) of a song by one of my favorite bands who just so happen to be releasing a new album pretty soon.

If you don’t know who my favorite band is, it’s blink-182. This song is off their EP “Dogs Eating Dogs,” and I really enjoy it. And if you know how much I enjoy blink-182, then you’d also know that I may or may not have wet the bed when I found out they were cutting a new album.

I have no shame.

Without further delay, here’s this weeks Tuesday Tuneday song, “When I Was Young” by blink-182. I hope you like it.

Make sure to come back every Tuesday (I promise I’ll actually do a cover next week) to hear all my cover tunes. If you’d like to hear anything specific, just let me know.

End Kwote

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