Rain, Rain, Come and Stay

Life, Poetry

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Rain, Rain, go away.
Come again another day.
Rain, Rain, go away.
Stay up high and let me play.

Why is it we say
Come again another day?
Why can’t the rain stay?
To let my mind run and play?

So, gladly I say,
Rain, Rain, won’t you come and stay?
Be with me I pray.
To shade my thoughts red, not grey.

Rain, Rain, come and stay,
Show my heart the unknown way.
Rain, Rain, come and stay,
See lives to live, beasts to slay.

Rain, Rain, come and stay.
Lead my hands never astray.
Rain, Rain, come and stay.
Give me strength and will to say
What is in my heart and on my mind,
And to never leave a word behind

Maybe I’m weird, but the rain always puts me in a great writing mood. There’s something about it that gets the creative mojo going. I’m not sure what it is, but whenever it rains, I know it’s time to write. ¬†That being said, I thought I’d pay a little homage to the typically detested element.

What about you? What are your thoughts on the rain? Love it? Hate it? Wish it would disappear forever? I would very much like to know your thoughts and insights.

On another note, this is my second post in what will be a week-long feature that I have so creatively deemed my Poequest (Poetry Quest).¬†I’ll be writing and posting one poem a day for seven straight days, so be sure to come back every day this week to see what poetic pieces I cook up.

Take care, and do your best to stay dry.

Or don’t.

End Kwote

One thought on “Rain, Rain, Come and Stay

  1. My son and I were playing in the rain just a bit ago. He had already soaked himself with the hose, so he couldn’t get any wetter. Plus, it was one of those nice, gentle rains and the air was still warm. He had a grand time going down the slide since we was extra slippery. I didn’t mind the rain at all and I’m glad it stayed.

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