Life is an Audio Book

Life, Poetry

I heard from someone that you’re doing well.
I heard that you landed on your feet.
And if I’m being honest,
That thought is black licorice sweet.

I heard from a friend that you’re doing ok.
But I heard that friend say some things,
Rusty nail things, salted wound things.
It stung for a second, but I rubbed some dirt on it.

I heard, though, I heard that you look good.
I heard you got a tattoo,
Which frustrated me terribly,
Because tattoos are so damn sexy.

I heard that you’re keeping busy.
Busy with days full of dreams and freedom.
I heard you’re on the inside looking out.
Looking out at the time you might have wasted.

I heard from someone that times are good.
Better than before.
I heard you got a new car.
One with shiny wheels and red paint.

I heard that you have a new favorite song.
I heard that you have a new favorite book.
A new movie.
A new place.

I heard that your scars healed.
I heard that your fingers can feel
Something new.
Something happy.

And such is life when things change.
People don’t meet each other.
They don’t reunite.
They don’t reminisce.
They don’t hug,
Shake hands,
Or hold hands.

They just hear.

They hear familiar stories with characters once familiar, too.
But now they’re new.
Foreign to our ears and uncomfortable to imagine.
Scary to think about.
Horrifying to hear about.

We hear about where he went,
Where she wants to go,
What he wants to do,
Who she wants to meet.
We hear about future plans and past experiences.
Life is an audio book, I guess.

So after hearing about you countless times,
After hearing things from a friend,
And stories from a friend’s friend,
I’ve lost you.
You don’t look the same.
You’ve changed.
I’ve given you freckles where they don’t belong
And birthmarks where they weren’t before.
You hair is different,
And your eyes changed color.

I’d apologize,
But there’s nothing I can do.
Because I heard.
I heard about you.
I heard those stories and tales.
I heard those things.
And after all I’ve heard,
After those stories and tales and things,
Your name even sounds different, too.


On continues the Poequest! If you haven’t been around End Kwote for the past few days, you wouldn’t know that I’m embarking on a week-long journey were I’m writing and posting one poem a day for seven straight days. The one you see above is poem number three. Poems number one and number two are also available for viewing.

Make sure to come back for the next few days to see what results from this poetic undertaking.

As always, thoughts, insights, and ideas are appreciated.

End Kwote


9 thoughts on “Life is an Audio Book

  1. This is very good. Heart breaking in a way, and very poignant. Very insightful.

    I’d close my ears because I hear too much
    I’d close my mind to keep the past in tact
    I’d block out the world to keep it from changing
    But, it would change anyway
    And I’d be left behind
    So I’ll open my ears and hear it all
    So I’ll open my mind and let the past and present mingle
    So I’ll acknowledge the changes as they come
    But, that doesn’t mean I have to like them
    And it certainly won’t be easy
    To accept
    To move on

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