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Remember when you were a kid
And the first thing you did
When you got home from school
was find your best friend
And have fun ’til days end?

Remember when you went outside?
And the dirt and grass kept you occupied?
Remember when trees were towers
And yards nations?
Endless places to run in.

Remember when driveways were end zones,
And red fences outfield walls?
Garage doors were goals,
And tree stumps home bases.
We didn’t need open fields or large spaces.

Remember when bicycles were like rocket ships?
Making true those sharp words on our lips
That we’d beg and pray.
We would always say,
“Take me away.”

Remember when seriousness was sickness,
And silliness was the cure?
Remember when you’d ask to stay out
Just a couple minutes more?
Just five precious minutes more.

Remember when an hour felt like a day,
And a day a year?
We hadn’t fret or fear.
Because we only held one thing dear.



Day five of my Poequest is now complete! I hope you enjoyed today’s poem about playing and childhood and such. It was definitely a fun one to write because I got to remember all the awesome times I had as a kid.

Don’t forget to come back every day until next Monday to view the poems I’m writing for this little undertaking. If you don’t already know what my Poequest ┬áis, I’m writing and posting a poem a day for seven days straight. So make sure to stop by and let me know what you think about my work.

See you tomorrow.

End Kwote

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