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As you read this, answer the questions I ask honestly. Read on only if directed to.

Have you ever been walking – let’s say, on a beautiful, bright day – and crossed paths with someone you know? You don’t really know them, but you know them enough. Enough to smile and say “Hey.” So that’s what you do. You smile and wave.

Has that person – the one you walk past on that bright day – ever looked completely past you, indifferent and ignorant?

If you answered yes, read on.

Have you ever tried to talk to someone – someone new – and your words, though significant, fell on their ears like mist on hot pavement, cast aside, pushed away?

If you answered yes, read on.

Have you ever been somewhere – maybe where you live or where you work – and you see the same people every day? The same people, day in, day out. You know their faces, and you know their names. You see them as you live your life, and you believe they see you, too.

Did any of those people – the ones you see day in, day out – not know your name?

If you answered yes, read on.

Did any of those people – the ones you see day in, day out – not know you existed?

If you answered yes, read on.

Have you ever been somewhere, anywhere, with people whose faces and names you know, with people who you see every day and asked yourself, “What the hell am I doing here?” Have you ever felt like a stranger in a familiar place? Have you ever told yourself, “I’d rather be anywhere but here”?

If you answered honestly and read up to this point, then you know. You know what it’s like to be on the outside. To be a creep. To be a weirdo. To be a loser.

I didn’t write this to make people feel pity. I didn’t write this to get attention. That’s why I asked you to answer honestly. I asked only those who’ve been through these things to read on because it’s written for them and only them. If you don’t know what these things are like, what they feel like, how they impact you, and you’re still reading, I have to tell you that I wish you would have stopped. Not because I resent you or hold you in contempt, but, because of your inexperience, you might have found this post weak or pathetic. Which it isn’t.

I wrote this because I’ve been through these things at one point or another, and I know what it’s like to feel that there’s nothing you can do to make it better. I wrote this because I wish I would have read something like it when I needed it most. I wrote this so that those of you who read on would know that I’m here, just as wondering as you.

To the creep, the weirdo, the loser: don’t let what they say – or don’t say – define who you are. Don’t rip yourself down. Because you’ve lived a life, however jaded, that will serve you well down the line. When you get older, and when you’re in dire need of strength, that reservoir in your chest will be filled to the brim. You’ve already been burned, broken, so there’s nothing left to hurt you. And there’s nothing left for you to do. There’s nothing left for you to do but stand tall, and beat your chest like booming bass drums. Stand tall and shout in the face of that one who passes you by, unembarrassed, unashamed, and damn proud. Stand tall, accept what you’ve been given, this sick gift, and embrace the outside. Embrace the dark times. Embrace the creep. Embrace the weirdo.

Embrace the loser.

End Kwote

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