TUESDAY TUNEDAY: Senses Fail – “Lady in a Blue Dress”

Tuesday Tuneday Songs

Hi friends! I hope you’re all having a great Tuesday. I know that mine , for the most part, is going great. And it’s only going to get better with this week’s Tuesday Tuneday song.

Looking back on music you used to listen to is perhaps the best way to reminisce. You can remember where you were, what you felt like, and what you were doing when you were listening to a particular band or song. This week’s song, “Lady in a Blue Dress by Senses Fail, is one that I used to listen to all the time. Senses Fail used to be one of my favorites, but as I’ve gotten older, and as my taste in music has changed, I’ve gotten away from them. But, the good thing about Tuesday Tuneday is that I can revisit all those old tunes I used to listen to.

So, here’s this week’s Tuesday Tundeday song. This is “Lady in a Blue Dress” by Senses Fail. Enjoy.

Don’t forget to come back every Tuesday to hear all my cover tunes! Remember, I take requests.

End Kwote

3 thoughts on “TUESDAY TUNEDAY: Senses Fail – “Lady in a Blue Dress”

  1. Thanks for posting your video! I like the idea of going back in time. I’m thinking maybe I’ll have to post a Counting Crows song. That one goes back to middle school for me, good times. Kind of. Well, no, not at all. But why not go there anyway?

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