The Things We Whisper


The things we whisper to ourselves every day are the most profound truths we will ever know.

Walking to class, walking to work, the beaten down whisper to themselves “God damn I hate this.”

Walking with her, the one he’s been chasing for so long, he whispers to himself “God damn I love you.”

Walking with him, the one who’s been chasing her for so long, she whispers to herself “Please don’t.”

Alone , with no one to tell them a comforting lie like “It’ll all be fine,” the war-torn whisper to themselves “What am I doing here?”

So we go through life whispering. And it’s not because we don’t want someone else to hear. It’s not because the one who we’re whispering about is close by. It’s because we’re afraid of what it will sound like on our own ears. We’re afraid that saying it too loud will shatter our eardrums, break our hearts, crush our dreams. We’re afraid, so afraid, that saying it too loud will make it real.

But the things we whisper to ourselves are the most profound truths we will ever know. And in that they are already more real than we can perceive. They are more real than those things we would shout from the roofs of tall buildings.

We only whisper because we’re afraid.

That fear, that heavy, tugging fear that slowly seeps down your throat and into your lungs, can only be one thing:


Should we be afraid? Should we whisper to ourselves? I have no idea. Those are questions I’ll never have the answer to. And that doesn’t really matter. Because shoulds and shouldn’ts won’t stop us. We will always whisper. We will always whisper those truths that we can’t admit. We will always whisper those thoughts that we know are real but refuse to accept.

And when you ask yourself what your whisper sounds like, don’t underestimate its truthfulness. Don’t underestimate the profundity that rests between its wisps. Because it means more than you give it credit for. Otherwise you wouldn’t whisper it.

The next time you talk under your heart’s breath, ask yourself why the volume is so low. Ask yourself if it should be louder, if it could be louder. Ask yourself if that thin thought will ever escape your lips loud enough for that girl or that guy to hear. And if it won’t, if it can’t, then you’ve discovered one of those profound truths.

In whispers, not thoughts or shouts, rest the keys to our minds.

End Kwote

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