TUESDAY TUNEDAY: Nick Drake – “Riverman”


Hi everyone. As you might know (hopefully), today is Tuesday Tuneday. Typically, I perform a cover song for all of you, but my singing abilities have been temporarily destroyed by a violent, ruthless sickness known as the common cold. Since my nose and throat are disgustingly gunked up, I won’t actually be performing a song for you today.

However, I have picked one of my favorite songs to post so you can all get your musical fill for the week. No need to thank me know. I’ll be around more as the week goes on.

Anywho, this is a song that I only recently started listening to, but it’s fantastic. If any of you are familiar with the artists who have come through Island Records, then you might know this one. Nick Drake has a beautifully melancholy voice that grabs me for pretty much anything he sings. The song I’ve chosen for you today, “Riverman”, is a great display of that.

So, without further delay, here’s Nick Drake’s song “Riverman.” Enjoy.

Make sure to come back every Tuesday to hear my cover tunes! I should be back in action next week as the disease subsides. And remember, I take requests.

Until next time.

End Kwote

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