THE MODOWN: Number 24

The Modown

As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving, we remember all that we’re thankful for. Friends, family, happiness, sunshine. These are just a few of the things that pop up on peoples’ lists.

But, if you couldn’t tell, there’s one thing that I’ particularly thankful for.


So, to show my gratitude, I’ve brought you another Modown picture today. Isn’t that just wonderful? *smiles cheesily*

I can’t claim to measure up to today’s mo dude, but I gave it my best shot. He’s a great actor, and he’s definitely been in some of my favorite movies. The chicks dig him, and who can blame them? He’s got a great mustache.

Without further delay, I give you today’s Modown man, George Clooney.



Make sure to come back for tomorrow’s edition of The Modown! I’ll be posting pictures for the rest of November, so stick around

If you’d like to donate to Movember you can do so by clicking here. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Until tomorrow.

End Kwote

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