TUESDAY TUNEDAY – This Will Destroy You: “Quiet”

Tuesday Tuneday Songs

Hello, my blogosphere friends. I know, I know, you’re probably a little upset with me. I’ve been shirking my Tuesday Tuneday duties. I do apologize for my absence, but part of my slacking has been due to the fact that I left my guitar at school over winter break. However, excuses are still excuses, and I realize that I haven’t kept up. For that, I am truly, deeply sorry.

Despite my guitarlessness, I thought I’d post a video of a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Though the name of the band is rather violent, this tune is quite the opposite. It’s the song I turn to when I’m feeling a little stressed or down, which, as of late, has kind of sort of been the case. No need to worry, though. Like I said, this song helps me through (and I also enjoy the little stuffed dolphin laying on the beach).

This week’s Tuesday Tuneday song is “Quiet” by This Will Destroy You. Enjoy.

I promise I will be back next week with another one of my cover tunes. If I’m not, I give you full permission to shatter my kneecaps, spit in my face, and call me Suzy.

You also may have noticed that my activity in general has been low lately. That, too, has a reason. I’ve been working on a big project. A project that involves words and making them into sentences and making those sentences into paragraphs and forming those paragraphs into a coherent plot arc and so on and so forth. You may get the picture, but, if it’s a little hazy, worry not. I’ll be filling you all in very, very soon.

Until next time.

End Kwote

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