The Modown

Hello, all. The weekend is almost here, which I’m sure you’re all very happy about. I know I am. I’m also happy, nay elated, to be bringing you the fifth post of the Modown.

Today’s dude and I actually have a lot in common. First, of course, we both have mustaches. Second, we’ve both taken steroids. And third, we’ve both played for the Yankees.

Which two of those are false? I’ll let you decide.

But piddle paddling. I’ll get on with today’s post.

Today’s dude is certainly strong. He donned the pinstripes for a number of years, but he also played for a few other teams. Even though he recently retired, he’s remembered as one of baseball’s great power hitters. Modown number five features none other than Jason Giambi


Got any suggestions for future Modown features? Be sure to let me know. Also, feel free to voice your opinions on the dudes I’ve posted so far.

If you’re feeling charitable, the Movember cause is a really great one to give to. If you’d like to donate, you can do so HERE.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some home runs to be hit. Don’t worry, I hit them the clean way.

Until tomorrow.

End Kwote

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