The Modown

Hello everyone, and happy Sunday. I’m sure you’re all dutifully glued to your couches, perhaps taking in some football on this fine afternoon. But, if I could just have a few minutes of your time, I’d like to show you today’s Modown post.

This post marks another first for the Modown. I’m always trying to find new mo dudes to feature, and I think I found a pretty good one here. This guy is much different from all the rest in that he isn’t really a person. He exists, just not in the flesh. He’s funny, he’s well drawn, and he definitely has a great stache.

Presenting the first ever cartoon character on the Modown, I bring you Randy Marsh from South Park


Let me know if you like today’s mo, and be sure to speak up if there’s anyone you’d like to see someone in particular featured.

If you’re feeling generous, you can donate to the wonderful Movember foundation. Movember is a great cause that helps men live healthier lives, so if you’d like to give, you can click HERE.

Thanks for stopping by on your day of rest. Now you can return to laziness, or perhaps productivity, of your Sunday.

See you tomorrow.

End Kwote

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