The Modown

We’re almost to the weekend, ladies and gents. Just a few more days, and you’ll have your sweet, sweet, two days of freedom.

Today, I’m hoping to provide you with a little something to get you through the rest of your week. That something is the Modown.

I must admit that I’d never considered today’s mo dude for the Modown, even though he does have a quality stache. He’s flown under the radar for these past two years. But, I’m glad to add him to the fine list of dudes who have been featured during Movember. Even though this guy is an outsider, he’s an awesome mo dude, and he knows a little something about Mary.

Featured on the Modown today is Matt Dillon.


Like today’s mo? Let me know. And if you want to see anyone featured in the future, don’t be afraid to ask.

If you’re in the giving mood, you can donate to the wonderful Movember Foundation. They help men live happier, healthier lives by fighting against diseases like prostate and testicular cancer. If you want to give, you can click HERE. 

As always, remember to come back around tomorrow to see the next post. I can guarantee that in it there will be two dudes, one of whom is me, with mustaches. I know, sounds exciting.

I’ll be seeing you.

End Kwote 

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