The Modown

Wow. I can’t believe it’s already the 19th of November (which, as you all know, means it’s the 19th day of the Modown). It’s honestly flown by, and I’ve had a blast this year doing all the Modown pics. I’ve never done a Modown where I actually posted a pic on all 30 days, so this year I’m bound and determined.

Today’s Modown is a special one. You may not be aware, but there’s a social media phenomenon that’s just beginning to take the digital world by storm. That phenomenon is Thumb Thursday.  A close friend of mine was a pioneer in this movement, and he continues to be the driving force behind it today. Being that the Modown and this new trend coincided, I thought I’d feature a picture that got the best of both worlds.

So, without further delay, I give you today’s Modown man. He’s hilarious, highly offensive, and he’s got a great mo. He also happens to be giving a thumbs up in this pic, which is the only criteria for a credible Thumb Thursday post. He’s the one, the only, Borat.


yes, that is a towel rack in the background, which means I took this selfie in the bathroom.

Be sure to check out #ThumbThursday on Instagram. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the many posts you find. If you want to see the original Thumb Thursday master himself, click here to view my friends Insta profile.

And while you’re in the clicking mood, you might as well click here to make a donation to the Movember Foundation. It’s a great organization that helps men live happier, healthier lives, so if you’re feeling generous, any donation is appreciated.

That wraps up today’s special edition of the Modown. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you explore more of the Thumb Thursday glory.

Until tomorrow.

End Kwote

One thought on “THE MODOWN: Day 19

  1. THE CHIN! (Please take great comfort in knowing that, no matter how hard you tried, you could never look as hideously frightening as that guy!)

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