The Modown

Greetings, Modown friends and fans. I know it’s a little late in the evening, but I wanted to make sure to get the Modown in for today. I’m really close to completing the full 30 days, so I’m making the push to the end of the month.

Today’s dude is one that I’m sure everyone will recognize. He’s come to prevalence relatively recently, and it seems like he’s there to stay. He’s become one of the faces of a newer wave of comedy, one that’s made its way onto the silver screen and the small screen. He’s cool, he’s funny, and even though the stache he’s rocking in this pic isn’t a natural one, it still represents the power that a great mo gives.

Featured as today’s dude is Andy Samberg.


The Modown is almost over, so make sure you get in your requests if you have any. I’m always happy to acquiesce.

Also, if you can still donate to the great cause that is Movember. If you’d like to help fight against diseases like prostate and testicular cancer, you can click HERE to make a donation.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with the next Modown. Looking forward to seeing you.

End Kwote

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