The Modown

I really can’t believe that there are only two days left in the Modown. It’s been a marathon, and for those of you who have stuck with me, I thank you. We only have two more dudes to feature, so if you can, stay with me just a bit longer.

I dare say that today’s dude is the most iconic mo due there ever was. He rocks the stache hard, and no one can do it quite like him. He’s gruff, he’s tough, and I found out recently that he used to appear in cigarette ads.

If you haven’t guessed it, today’s Modown dude is Tom Selleck.


Only two days left to get in your Movember donations! If you’d like to donate to the wonderful cause of Movember, you can click right HERE.

I’d ask if you have any requests, but since I’ve only gotten one this month, and the next two days are already planned out, I’ll skip that part and simply say I shall see you tomorrow.

Good night, and good stache.

End Kwote

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