The Modown

We did it. We actually did it. Thirty straight days of Modown pics.

I have to say that there were days when I really didn’t feel like taking fifteen selfies, only to find out that none of them were acceptable, and take fifteen more until I finally got a good one. But, it was all worth it. We’re here, and we’re finally done with the Modown.

The final mo dude is a special one indeed. I never met the guy, but anyone who did only talks about how great he was. He’s not a celebrity. He didn’t appear in movies, and he wasn’t in any TV shows. But, he’s part of my family, which makes him the most important mo dude to me.

And so, to finish off this month-long extravaganza, I bring you the 30th and final mo dude.

Featured today is my great-grandfather, Rosario Bevevino.


Thank you so much to anyone who followed along with these posts. I hope that you had as much fun with it as I did. I really like doing this, and I’m glad with the response I’ve gotten this year.

A special thanks to anyone who donated to the Movember Foundation as a result of viewing this feature. Through the Modown, $185 was raised to fight against significant men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancer. So, again, thank you so, so much to anyone who donated. It means a lot.

Well, this is somewhat bitter-sweet. I’m glad that we’ve come all this way, but I’m a little sad to say that there won’t be another mo dude for tomorrow. Never fear. I’ll leave up the Modown page for a week or two if you’d like to see all the mo dudes that were featured this year.

One more time, thank you to anyone who looked at these posts. It means a lot to me.

Don’t worry. I’m not disappearing for good. I have some other stuff in store for all of you, my fine friends.

See you soon.

End Kwote

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