Think of the forces in life you cannot see.

Think of the forces that give you good dreams. The ones that land gently in your thoughts with snow flake feet and the best intentions. Think of the forces that touch your forehead with one finger and make you play wonderful films in your head, films that make you feel like changing the world isn’t some foolish notion created by fairy tales and motivational speakers. Think of the forces that make you feel like the color in a world of black and white.


The Modown

We did it. We actually did it. Thirty straight days of Modown pics.

I have to say that there were days when I really didn’t feel like taking fifteen selfies, only to find out that none of them were acceptable, and take fifteen more until I finally got a good one. But, it was all worth it. We’re here, and we’re finally done with the Modown.

The final mo dude is a special one indeed. I never met the guy, but anyone who did only talks about how great he was. He’s not a celebrity. He didn’t appear in movies, and he wasn’t in any TV shows. But, he’s part of my family, which makes him the most important mo dude to me.

And so, to finish off this month-long extravaganza, I bring you the 30th and final mo dude.


The Modown

Well, it’s the second to last day of this little mustachioed event. I almost can’t believe that (including today) I’ve taken 29 pictures of myself posing next to famous dudes with mustaches. It’s not exactly a resume builder, but it’s still a big feat none the less.

Today we continue the madness that is the Modown. Today’s actor is actually in one of my most favorite movies (Almost Famous). He’s not an incredibly well-known actor, but I’m a big fan of his. And, I’d actually place him in the top five for best mustaches on the Modown. I know, that’s a bold statement.

But, I don’t want to delay today’s dude any longer.