At the cores of our hearts, there is one truth that connects us;

We all need to escape.

Our lives. Our beliefs. Our homes. We all have something we need to get away from, to leave behind, if only briefly. There’s something, however small or large, that’s holding us back. That’s keeping us from turning over new stones and peering around new corners. That’s putting its hands over our ears when we’re listening to new music. That’s planting its feet firmly in front of us when we’re trying to walk out the door.

Just One of Those Days


I never really bought the idea that going to sleep with bad thoughts or in a bad mood would make the following day equally bad in all respects. I just didn’t think that was biologically sound. With roughly eight hours of sleep in between my bad thoughts and my bad mood, something was sure to change, and I would feel all right in the morning. Maybe I’d forget, or maybe it wouldn’t seem like such a big deal.

But I’m not a biologist, and I guess that shows.