Kwote Tunes: Weezer – “Beverly Hills”


Something I used to do a lot of was post song covers to my blog. Well, I used to blog a lot in general, but I’m sure you noticed that hasn’t been happening.

I’m trying to change that, though. Posting on here in one form or another was always a lot of fun for me, and as I’ve now been cast into the oblivion of adulthood, I need more fun in my life.

So here we go. I’ve got another song cover for you today, and it’s one that I really like. Weezer is one of those bands that I grew up with, so I really enjoy playing their stuff. This is one that I’m sort of amazed I haven’t bothered learning until now because the title contains the nick name everyone calls me. Kind of. All my friends call me Bev (an abbreviation of my last name, Bevevino), so naturally people call me Beverly sometimes. Thus, the song “Beverly Hills” by Weezer is a natural choice for my next Kwote Tune.

Hung Over

Life, Love

I’m drunk.

And I feel great.

And all my friends are here. The living room is packed with people. I don’t know most of them, but that’s ok. We wanted it this way.

There’s a rap song playing. The bass is loud. It’s shaking the windows.

My best friend is right there talking to some girl. He looks happy, like he just had a really good dream, and for once, he didn’t wake up too soon. He’s laughing, and so is she. He laughs at a lot of the stuff I say, which is why I like him so much. I don’t know if he laughs to make me feel better, or if he actually thinks I’m funny. But I guess I don’t really care.


The Modown

Good Saturday, all. I apologize for the posting the Modown so late in the day. But I was busy doing other weekend things. Never fear. You’ll still get your mo pic of the day.

Today’s dude is certainly one of the younger of the bunch. But even though he’s a youngster, he’s still got a pretty good mustache. His career took off early with a couple of catchy musicals, and he’s continued to appear in more movies as he’s gotten older. He’s handsome, he’s charming, and he’s definitely got his head in the game. He’s the one, the only, Zach Efron.