THE MODOWN: Number 30

The Modown

Well, we’ve finally come to the end of The Modown. I think it’s gone extremely well this year, and I’m definitely going to miss posting new mo pics everyday. But, everything comes to an end, and The Modown is no exception.

For the finale of The Modown, I wanted to pic someone very special. Someone who’s separate and distinct from all the other mo dudes that I’ve featured this far. You can imagine that might be pretty hard considering the guys I’ve featured this far. But, I think I’ve found a way to do what I want to do.

Today’s mo dude isn’t world famous, and he hasn’t appeared on the movie screen ( at least not that I know of). Unlike most of the people on The Modown, this guy’s not a celebrity.

But you know what? That’s perfectly fine with me. Because there’s no better person to end The Modown with than the coolest dude I know, my dad (just so you know, that picture of my dad is from about 25 years ago).

THE MODOWN: Installment 29

The Modown

Hi, everyone. So this is the second to last day of The Modown. I know, November has gone by in the blink of an eye. The month of mustaches is almost coming to a close. Which is, to be honest, a little bit sad. But, just remember all the great mos grown during the past month and all the good they’ve done.

For today’s Modown dude, I chose someone who’s name is as timeless as any. He’s someone I grew up watching, and I’m positive absolutely everyone knows who he is.

He’s a cowboy, he’s a solider, he’s a tough guy, he’s a super star. He’s none other than the one, the only, John Wayne.

THE MODOWN: Twenty-eighth


Greetings, friends. I know that your stomachs are still probably packed with Thanksgiving food and that you’ve probably spent the day kickin’ it on the couch (which is totally fine because that’s exactly what I’ve done).

So, in your couch potatoness, I’ve brought you today’s Modown picture.

Not only is today’s mo dude one of the most versatile actors of all time, but he’s a champion tough guy. He’s one of my favorites, and just like all the other mo dudes, he’s got an incredible ability to rock a mustache.

Featured on today’s Modown is Bruce Willis.