Sometimes I think a thought over a thousand and one times. I overthink it so thoroughly that it becomes gnashed, crushed into a cranial apple sauce that once resembled a concrete notion. Thoughts hate entering my head. I torture them.

Part of the problem is that I live by myself, and I haven’t really figured out how to do that yet. There’s just a lot of silence when you live by yourself. Too much silence. I like quiet time as much as the next guy, but I don’t like coming home at 5:30 p.m. to not say a single word until I see my co-workers the next morning.

Sophie the Dog: Part Deux

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So it seems as if my blog was high-jacked by my little, not-so-loving and really kind of maniacal puppy. Needless to say, I’m shocked. I had no idea that she was manipulating us this entire time. And I had no idea that she had the ability to type on a computer…

…that’s actually kind of cool and I should market it somehow…hmm..

Anyways, Sophie’s stunt gave me another idea for something to write about. Despite her quasi-hateful feelings towards me, I thought I’d write something nice about her. She is my puppy after all, and no matter what, I just can’t say anything bad about a puppy.

I suppose I could, if the puppy was a world-class a-hole, but Sophie’s not.

Really, she’s not.

I want to talk about a great skill that Sophie has. It’s very admirable, commendable really. I haven’t recognized it until recently, but it’s an awesome skill to possess, worthy of some blog discussion.

Sophie is great at playing fetch.


She’ll bring me a toy, usually soggy with slobber, and paw my arm until I pay attention. I’ll grab said slobber-toy and chuck it across the room. She’ll run as fast as her tiny legs can run, grab the toy, bring it back to me, and paw my arm until I throw it again. This sequence repeats about a bazillion times until I get tired of it and find somewhere to go where Sophie can’t find me.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Big deal. The dog plays fetch. All dogs play fetch. What makes mine so special? Why am I writing this post?

Patience, kimosabi, and I’ll tell you.

No matter how many times I throw the toy, and no matter how far I throw it, Sophie always, without fail, brings it back to me and waits for me to throw it again. Every time. No matter what. Even if there’s food being made, new people walking around, bullets whizzing overhead, or nuclear bombs exploding, she’ll bring me back that disgusting, spitty toy, paw my arm, and wait for me to throw it again.

Sophie has a goal in mind. That goal is to chase a toy. She knows what she needs to do to accomplish her goal. She needs to approach me or one of my family members and get us to throw the toy. It’s a very simple goal, and it’s not hard to achieve.

But the thing that I find so cool is that she never, ever stops until she gets what she wants. She’ll stand there for as long as it takes and paw my arm as hard as she can until I grab that toy out of her mouth and chuck it. She has her mind set on something and she won’t go away, won’t find another toy, and won’t go lay down until I’m whipping a toy across the living room.

For me, that’s amazing. Lots of people say that they won’t quit until they get what they want, but the amount that actually keep to their word isn’t so huge. Tons and tons of people, myself included, say with puffed out chests and hands on hips, “I won’t quit until I’ve accomplished my every goal and dream.”

But then we quit. We don’t accomplish all of our goals and dreams. We give up.

I need to get a job someday. If you’re like me, then so do you. It won’t be easy, surely. It’ll take long hours of study, preparation, and writing. Unless I get very lucky, it’s gonna be tough.

But if I remember Sophie and her champion caliber fetch playing abilities, I think I’ll be just fine. I just have to stick to it, keep at it until I get what I want. I just have to fetch the toy, bring it back, and wait for it to be thrown again.

So, even though Sophie only values me for my role as a servant, she’s taught me a very important lesson. She’s taught me that if I want something, if I really, really want something, I just have to be persistent.

Thank you, Sophie, for showing me the light. Now go lay down or something.

End Kwote

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